Ritratto di Piera After years of training which began in Italy she perfected in Paris, New York and Boston.

Since the eighties she opened his artistic dancing to jazz music and improvisation as a soloist for major names in the national and international such as: Guido Mazzon, Giorgio Gaslini, Stefano Battaglia, Piero Bassini, Andrea Giuffredi, Daniele di Gregorio e Alberto Mandarini.

Choreographer and author with a peculiar gesture experience (poly-fractured due to a serious car accident), after two years of total immobility she returns on stage by winning the Spazio Nuove Proposte at the Vignale Dance Contest with the solo of theater-dance Riservato (rearranged by the Opera Director Stefano Monti). Back at a full activity, the dancer and choreographer dedicates from many years now, her artistic research to the limit-as-different-opportunity which she translates into different gestural poetry, installations and performances of great intensity.

She created the method of dance-therapy La memoria poetica del Corpo and the permanent laboratory for able and disabled travelers: La Zattera di Nessuno. Her work over the years has been the subject of four theses in the Universities of Milan, Florence and Bologna.

She participated in the show's director Marco Baliani, Come gocce di una fiumana presented at the War Museum of Rovereto and oversaw the artistic direction of theater, music and dance festivals: L’Infiorata at the Cistercian abbey of Alseno, Mare Gerundo in the Castle of Soncino and La Poesia della Vita, project for the Teatro Ponchielli in Cremona dedicated to Pier Paolo Pasolini, in which she presented her performance: L’eredità ideale with the musician Guido Mazzon, cousin of the late great artist.

Since 1999 she is part of the company Sosta Palmizi led by the dancer Raffaella Giordano, with her Piera made the shows Quore (Ubu Prize) and Senza Titolo.

She is solo-performer in the Exhibitions Crocifissioni and La bellezza trasparente of the artist Andrea Ferrari Bordogna.
In her 2011 creation Chairs, Piera Principe returns to support the freedom and the honesty of the gesture in Total Improvisation.

She conducts workshops and master degrees in various fields of education and training and participates with La bellezza dello scarto at meetings and reflections on the Social Theatre. She has been for some years Professor at the Area Motoria of the Faculty of Education, University Milano Bicocca.

She also contributed in the book edited by Ivano Gamella I laboratori del corpo - Library Cortina, Milan.

Since 2018 she deepens her research of the body in the color making the performance In the blue mud, today called Blueset.