Ritratto di Piera After the years of training which begun in Italy in 1974, she completed in Paris, New York and Boston.

Since the 1980s she has opened her artistic research into jazz music and improvisation dancing with several international musicians such as Stefano Battaglia, Giorgio Gaslini, Guido Mazzon, Andrea Giuffredi and Daniele di Gregorio.

Choreographer and author with a special gesture experience (poly-fractured due to a serious road accident in 1985) she returns to the stage in 1989 after two years of immobility, winning the Spazio Nuove Proposte at the "Vignale Danza" competition with the solo "Reserved", then resumed in 1992 with the direction of Stefano Monti.

From the early '90s she turned his artistic research into the limit-as-different-opportunity.

She created the "Body Poetry Memory" method and the permanent laboratory for disabled and abled travelers: "The Nobody's Raft" promoted by Anffas MilanoOnlus from 1996 to 2013.
Her artistic research has been the subject of doctoral thesis in the Universities of Bologna, Florence and Milan.

She heads labs and master and participates with her experience "in the limit and his grace" at conferences and reflections on the Teatro Danza. For a few years, she has been a teacher at Motoria Area at the University of Milan Bicocca Training Sciences, participating in the book "The Body Workshops" by Ivano Gamelli, Cortina Library Editions.

From 1999 to 2010 she was part of the Tuscan company Sosta Palmizi directed by dancer Raffaella Giordano with whom she performed in Italy and abroad ("Quore" - prize UBU 2000 and "Senza Titolo").

She is the author of "Nobody's Raft. Diary of a dancer between skill and disability " published by Titivillus in 2013 and 2015.

Solo-performer, she realizes and still offers "gestural poetry" with great intensity performances.

With the solo "GUARDAMI - Quadri per una esposizione" of 2017 she returns to the Total Improvisation with the contrabassist Michele Anelli.